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Hylas 57

57 ft

Hylas 48

48 ft


Moody 41DS

41 ft

Moody 54DS

54 ft

Moody 45DS

45 ft

Moody 60DS

60 ft

Moody 45 aft cockpit

45 ft

Moody 41 aft cockpit

41 ft

In 1972 Angus Primrose was given the commission to design a 33’ family cruising yacht. This was first production yacht developed jointly between A.H. Moody & Son Ltd, Southampton and Marine Projects (Plymouth) Limited. It was an immediate success. Power and Sail magazine, October 1974: 'Planned as a comfortable family cruising yacht of light displacement and with a high performance under sail or power, the Moody 33 shows many of the characteristics to be found in the more trendy production yachts of today. Clean, smooth, sleek and with high freeboard, a carefully calculated layout below decks, a roomy central cockpit with two-berth cabin aft, a simple masthead sloop rig, and the fin keel and skeg rudder profile expected of fast yachts, the Moody 33 has all these and a good deal more besides'.
Bill Dixon had worked alongside Angus Primrose for several years, when following the loss of Angus Primrose at sea in 1980 Dixon at the age of 23, found himself running the newly formed Angus S Primrose Ltd.
The new company successfully took on the existing production boat business, which has formed the basis for a continuing expansion to the present day. All the time enhancing its reputation for design innovation with a steady stream of successful production power and sail designs.
In total, during the past 30 years over 4,500 Moody Yachts have been delivered both in the United Kingdom and throughout the World bringing pleasure and performance to countless thousands of yachtsmen and their families and friends.
All of the paper drawn designs have now been placed in achieve but the Moody Owners Association has useful generic electronic information on their website.
See Moody Owners Association Website


Pasport Vista 615

61.5 ft

Passport Yachts have been designing and building offshore sailing boats since 1979 and have gained a reputation. The Passport Vista 615 and 58TC are our first professional involvement in this famous brand.

Bluewater Yachts

Bluewater 60

60 ft

Bluewater 50

50 ft


Tayana 54

54 ft


Hansheng 45

45 ft cruiser/racer