Production Power Yachts

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  • Johnson
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Pearl 95

95 ft

Pearl 80

80 ft

Pearl 75

75 ft

Pearl 60

60 ft

Pearl 50

50 ft

pearl logo

Foundered in 1998 the Pearl name has become synonymous with comfort and exhilarating performance. We have been proudly working with this well known brand for nearly ten years.


Sealine C330


Sealine S330


Sealine F530


pearl logo

Sealine, the once British manufacturer of motor yachts, is now owned by the Hansa Group with whom we work on the Moody range of sailing yachts. We were delighted when Hansa asked us to work on new designs for Sealine. Our first three models for the company are shown on here. Light and airy spacious interiors, excellent performance and build quality is already winning these new designs awards and considerable customer satisfaction.

Huson Powercat

HPC 48



Ava 49'



Johnson 65'


Johnson 77'


Johnson 87'


Johnson 105'


For over 20 years Johnson have been building superb motor yachts designed by our studio. One of the landmark yachts was the Johnson 63 which was designed in the late 80’s. A radically designed boat even by European standards, but for a Taiwanese boat building company Johnson Yachts to have the confidence in building this design, was a real turning point for the company, and was a seed change for the whole of the Taiwanese boat industry. What made the boat even more unique was that it was a high volume aft cabin boat with 19 feet beam, with excellent performance. A combination rarely seen even today. Johnson manufactures a 66, 77, 87 and 103 footers and is underway with a new 125' superyacht model.

AZIMUT Magellano Series

Magellano 74

74 ft

Magellano 50

50 ft

Magellano 43

43 ft

This is Dixon Yachts Deigns first collaboration with the Azimut Benetti Group. Our brief was to design a Dual Mode hull. An underwater shaped that marries a traditional round bilge with a modern vee-bottom hull to improve the sea keeping/handling and efficiency at lower speeds, whilst allowing higher speed capacity.

PERI Yachts

Peri 37

37 m

Peri 41

41 m

Peri Yachts are dedicated to a very special breed of high performance superyacht, the kind that wears her luxury quietly while bringing her owner all the privileges bestowed by advanced technology.
And because we believe passionately in our approach, these high-tech beauties have soul. Our clients tend to be those who got where they are by looking forward, rather than back, and every day, they push us to go further. If that is your style, it’s time you took a closer look.


Gallop 48

48 ft

Gallop 58

58 ft

Gallop 62

62 ft

The Gallop range of flybridge Motor Yachts is manufactured by Xiamen Hansheng Yacht builders. Founded in 1984 they specialize in the manufacture of blue water cruising yachts, motor yachts and racing yachts.


Royal Denship 85

85 ft

Royal Denship 80

80 ft

Royal Denship 120

120 ft

Royal Denship Yachts was a multiple facility yacht builder, based in Denmark that created some of the worlds largest super yachts.


Sease 46

46 ft

Sease 62

62 ft


Solar Ferry