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Who We Are

The doors of Dixon Yacht Design opened for the first time 38 years ago, and the business has grown to become one of the world’s leading yacht design studio’s.

Bill, only in his early twenties when he took over leadership of Angus Primrose Design following the untimely death of Angus, soon changed the trading name to Dixon Yacht Design. It is a testament to Bill’s abilities that the clients then with Angus Primrose remained loyal to the young designer, including Moody’s, which even with a recent change of ownership, is still a Dixon Yacht Design client today.

The team that make up Dixon Yacht Design are a highly trained and very experienced group, several of whom have been with Bill for many years.

Today the company, which recently moved its headquarters to more spacious accommodation in Swanwick Marina near Southampton, continues to look forward in every aspect of its business.

What We Do

The company has always had a diverse range of vessels under design at any one time and this is particularly true at the moment; as you will see from the examples in the current projects section, they range from 120 foot custom sailing yachts to 50 foot production motor yachts.

Within our in house team are all the skills necessary to produce a ‘ turnkey’ solution for any client, whether it is a custom vessel, or production. Apart from naval architecture this includes the styling, both interior and exterior, and the design of the engineering systems. Equally, we are very happy to work as part of a team, and we have several projects currently underway where we are only responsible for some of the skills required to bring those projects to fruition.

As a team we are always looking for ways to improve design and, within individual projects described in this site, you will find reference to the new innovations introduced by us, many of which have later found there way into designs by other companies.

How We Do It

After carefully listening to a clients requirements we use a combination of the latest computer technology, our own skills, plus many years of experience, to satisfy that requirement. We firmly believe that it is our ability to translate an owners vision into a vessel which provides total satisfaction, both in form and function, which is one of the trademarks of a Dixon Yacht Design vessel.

We work with the largest companies, using the latest building and management technologies and who are building yachts in their hundreds, and, equally as effectively, with the smallest of yacht builders, where individual craftsmen are literally, still building yachts by hand, using traditional materials and methods. We can provide each with a yachts design in exactly the way they need it to efficiently produce the yacht they are building.

Our interest in a yacht is far from finished when the design stage is complete and we liaise continuously with the shipyard and the owner right through the build, to the launch and trials of the vessel, to ensure that the required results are achieved.